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5 Window Shutter Ideas For 2022

If youve been considering relocating the home, then its important to remember that the windows also need attention. Windows can often be neglected when it comes to renovations, leaving the room feel unfinished.

While everyones attention may be focused more on Christmas decorations at the moment, its always a good time to think about changes you can make to the home in 2022. Lets have a look at a few ideas!


Made-to-measure shutters

Plantation shutters are an excellent choice for awkwardly shaped windows, whether theyre porthole windows, arched windows or triangular windows in an eaves space. If shutters will stretch your budget too far, Venetian blinds can also be custom-made to fit tricky spaces and are a lot more affordable. 


Tier-on-tier white painted shutters

Shutters have become more and more popular in our homes, as they help create a smart and crisp window treatment that can fit all shapes and sizes. Wooden shutters can be personalised with a colour to suit the look of the room.


Plantation-style shutters

Plantation shutters can provide a more relaxed option than solid wood shutters. They are also very versatile, making themselves feel at home in almost every style of room, from traditional to rural to contemporary. Unlike solid wood shutters, the slatted design means you can control the amount of light they let in.


Dramatically painted shutters

You may decide on neutral coloured shutters that blend in with the room, but you can also make a bold statement and add drama by using brightly coloured shutters. Go for a high contrast colour combination or pick out a dominant shade from the room, such as from a statement wall.

Cafe-style wooden shutters

Café curtains and shutters make a room feel cosy and more private without obstructing light or views. They work a treat in rooms where windows look out onto the street or in an upstairs bathroom, allowing you to peek out while preventing prying eyes from peering in. 


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