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What area do you cover?

Being based in Brighton, we are perfectly located to cover all of East and West Sussex. Not sure if we cover your area? Contact us via a form or give us a call on 01273 232 091 and one of our friendly team members will get back to you the same day!

Do you provide different services depending on location?

We provide the same exceptional service to all the areas near or far.

What is included in your bespoke shutter service?

From taking measurements to crafting and fitting your new shutters – we will do everything for you from start to finish. You will only need to choose the style and colour of your shutters from the selection of samples that we will guide you during our initial design appointment. Learn more about our services or book your free appointment straight away.

What are your lead times?

From order to installation, you will be waiting between 10 and 16 weeks for your bespoke shutter blinds.

How long is your warranty?

We provide a full 5-year guarantee against later occurring defects in manufacture or installation. Please read our Terms and Conditions to learn more.


How much does a consultation appointment cost?

Absolutely nothing! We’ll come out free of charge and go through everything with you. You will be given a price then and there and will receive your full design quotation via email later that day. You can book an appointment here.

How long does the appointment take?

Our average appointment times are around 45 minutes, but this might vary depending upon your specific requirements and the style of shutters you are interested in.

Can I reschedule my appointment?

Of course! Please reschedule your appointment by giving us a call on 01273 232 091.


How much do I pay to get the ball rolling?

We require 50% initially, with the remaining balance due 5 days after installation.

What payment methods do you accept?

We accept cards (credit or debit), bank transfers, and cash.

Do you charge extra for special requests?

We do only charge extra for special shapes, custom colours, solid shutters, and integrated blackout blinds, which is standard across all shutter companies. We also provide a fully integrated tilt rod option free of charge, and we do not have any hidden extras for tier on tier shutters, while quite often it is the case. We like to be clear on our costs, and we discuss every detail upfront for your peace of mind.


What are your shutters made of?

We offer 3 different shutter materials: Hardwood, Hybrawood, and Polyvinyl (waterproof).

What is the difference between Hardwood and Hybrawood?

Hardwood is all Paulownia, and it is a bit more expensive but well worth the extra cost. Hybrawood is all hardwood with a plastic slat, and it is a cheaper option. Hybrawood is quite unique to us as it is not a product that every other company uses.

What size slats do you offer?

We offer 3 different slat sizes. 64mm (Small), 76mm (Medium), 89mm (Large).

Can I have my shutters in a custom colour?

We can match your shutters to Farrow Ball and Dulux Trade. This is 10% extra.

My windows are in a strange shape. Can I still have shutters?

Of course! We have fitted shutters to windows of all shapes and sizes, and we would love to do the same for you. Head to our Gallery to see some of our special shape shutters.

What about my Velux/skylight window?

Shutters look great on a Velux window. We would be more than happy to measure yours up and go through the design options.

Can shutters be installed in a bathroom?

Yes, shutters are an ideal choice for bathroom windows. Our plantation shutters can be crafted using water-resistant polyvinyl, which makes them perfect in steamy environments. Our wood options also work if the window isn’t in direct contact with water.

Can I still easily open my windows with shutters?

Indeed. As our shutters are a bespoke product made specifically to fit your unique windows, you will have clear access to your windows as the panels open inwards towards the room.

Are shutters easy to clean?

Shutters are very easy to clean. Take a damp cloth and run it along the slats, clearing any dust from them. If your shutters are not water-resistant, make sure you don’t get them too wet, as it may damage the natural product. If you come across more stubborn grime, use a wet sponge and soapy water, again making sure to dry the shutters afterwards.

Do Solid Panel Shutters block out more light than plantation shutters?

Yes! They will have fewer gaps around the panels, therefore, stopping any light seepage into the room. Learn more about our Solid Panel shutters here.

Are Cafe Style shutters less expensive?

The short answer is yes. Covering only half the window, they will cost half the price. Learn more about our Café Style shutters here.

How are blackout shutters different from regular shutter blinds?

Blackout shutters are advanced shutters with an integrated blackout blind fit into the frame. They block out more light as the extra layer between your shutters and the window seals any gaps to provide maximum light control. Learn more about our Blackout Shutters here.

Can wooden shutters be fitted on doors as well?

Absolutely. Indoor shutters can be custom-made to dress both windows and doors. For example, our solid shutters are a great choice for large expanses of glass, such as sliding patio doors.

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