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Are Shutters Better Than Blinds Or Curtains?

Window shutters are one of the best ways to improve your interiors and get the most from your window areas.

If you’re considering making changes to your window treatments, and unsure whether to go for shutters over curtains or blinds, we have a look at some of the best reasons to choose window shutters below:

Shutters vs Blinds

Both shutters and blinds are aesthetically pleasing window treatments, as well as being a way to control privacy, lighting, and airflow into a room.

However, shutters are of much superior quality and a more permanent solution that are made to fit your windows perfectly, even to unusual sizes or shapes of a window, meaning there is virtually no light leakage that you would find with blinds and a significant improvement on energy efficiency and noise reduction from outside.

Shutters vs Curtains

Curtains are seen as a more traditional window dressing. However, curtains are tortious for harbouring dust and allergens, and due to their size, material, and pleating, can be very difficult to clean, leading to curtains looking older and dirtier,

Shutters can be regularly and simply wiped down with a damp cloth, which not only keeps them looking amazing but also hygienic for you and your family. It makes them ideal for children’s rooms and nurseries.

Shutters will also allow you to more easily control how much light and privacy you need than curtains, as louvres can be adjusted on separate panels to suit your needs, 

If you’re looking for affordable window shutters in Brighton, visit our website today.

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