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Can Shutters Be Fitted To Unconventional Window Shapes?

solid wood shutters - Gray shutters on the window

Over the past few years, there has been a growing trend towards more solid window covers, away from curtains and even blinds in favour of solid wood shutters with adjustable louvres.

These shutter systems are popular because they look fantastic, fit a wide range of different interior design styles, at once fit traditional and modern architectural aesthetics and are easy to maintain and clean.

Because of this, a lot of homeowners are enquiring about potentially getting them installed, either for their own sakes or to potentially help improve the curb appeal of their home. 

However, whilst in many conventional homes it is clear that they can be fitted and provide an immediate benefit, not all homes are necessarily conventionally designed.

Some have particularly long or wide windows, whilst others have strange shapes that do not necessarily match the square or oblong footprint of a conventional louvred shutter system.

These include windows that have arches or semicircular sunbursts, windows with triangular slopes or even windows that are rounded, hexagonal or octagonal, completely in defiance of the typical quadrilateral window shape.

The typical solution in all of these cases is to fit curtains instead, since ultimately the shape does not matter, but this is not always an elegant solution and if your heart is set on blinds and shutters, bespoke shutters are very much an option.

These can come in a variety of forms. The first and most complex is to have custom-designed louvres that match the shape of your window. These are especially important for round or uniquely polygonal windows, but it is also not the only option.

The simplest option for people with arches or other unconventional parts to their windows is to opt for cafe-style shutters that only cover the square or rectangular part of the window, which are fantastic if the ultimate goal is privacy rather than light control.

Finally, there are several bespoke choices such as solid panels to cover the rounded parts of the window and plantation shutters for the rest, and an expert will be happy to discuss your needs and options.

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