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Could You Use Wooden Shutters As A Privacy Fence?

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Once you opt for solid wood shutters with adjustable louvres, it can be difficult to go back to a time before you could easily switch between letting in lots of light and creating an intimate, private atmosphere.

However, up until recently, there was not really the same type of elegant solution for outdoor areas. A fence would often block too much of the light and pickets left homeowners with very little privacy.

A privacy fence is an ideal solution, but it is also one that can almost be too effective at maintaining privacy at the expense of the great outdoors.

One Warsaw-based innovator found a way to get both by using large plantation-style shutters with rather large louvres that could be adjusted not only between light and privacy but also to avoid the effects of glare during certain times of the day.

Instead of using traditional solid slats, incorporating shutters allowed him to divide his patio area, enhance the privacy of his outdoor dining area and ensure that he can enjoy a private party without bystanders looking in.

He even fits them onto a sliding frame, so he can not only open and close the louvres but also slide the panels to open out the space more or to use as doors for more private backyards.

Whilst you would need fairly large louvres, much bigger than those you would likely find attached to a window, there is no reason that such a system could not work for your garden, particularly if you seek advice from shutter experts as to how it could work for you if you are uncertain.

With this and the increase in the use of plantation-style shutters on doors, it is difficult to find a place in the home where shutters will not increase security, safety and privacy without compromising comfort and light.

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