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Do Wooden Plantation Shutters Improve Your Home’s Security?

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What often surprises people looking to install solid wood shutters onto their windows is just how many practical benefits come with the beautiful aesthetics.

Alongside rather obvious benefits like improving the curb appeal of a house, plantation shutters are excellent at controlling light into a room and thus making it more comfortable, more intimate and more private. 

As well as this, wooden shutters are surprisingly good insulators that keep a room at the right temperature, either by keeping unwanted heat out on hot summer days or locking it in when the mercury drops.

However, one question that is sometimes asked is whether it can help make your home more secure, and whilst plantation shutters will not bring the high-security ratings a set of metal roller shutters would, louvred shutters can add an extra layer of security that you might not expect.

Some shutters can be locked and cannot be easily removed from the outside due to being attached to the window frame, providing a barrier that an intruder would have to take the time to noisily break their way through.

Burglars are typically opportunists, so every additional second needed to break in adds an extra risk that they might get caught, and so this added physical layer can be the difference between a successful smash and grab and prison time.

However, its greatest security benefit is how successfully it acts as a deterrent. Whilst plantation shutters are not designed necessarily with security in mind, they create a lot of unknowns for potential intruders that will often make them reconsider a particular target.

Louvred shutters can be open enough to let light in but still provide enough privacy that a burglar cannot easily look into the room without suspicion, and leaving them slightly open can create the impression that someone is in the home at all times.

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