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Do Wooden Shutters Increase The Value Of Your Home?

wooden shutter - wooden windows with shutters and flowers

Typically, when people are looking for beautiful wooden shutters, the aim is to renovate the appearance of their home and make it a more pleasant place to spend a lot of time.

After all, for many people, their home is their sanctuary and where they spend the overwhelming majority of their free time, so making it look beautiful and feel comfortable is essential largely for its own sake.

However, for people hoping to move home and navigate the property market, could plantation shutters potentially help boost the value of their home more than the cost of fitting them?

The answer, rather surprisingly, is yes, albeit in somewhat subtle ways besides the obvious appeal shutters have for a range of different interior design styles. Shutters fit a lot of different housing modes and at the front of the house boost kerb appeal

One part of this is a boost to potential light levels; because they are far better suited to adjusting the level of natural light to provide both additional privacy and better lighting, both of which are not only highly prioritised and prized by potential buyers but are also relatively subjective.

A common selling trick is to use neutral, light-coloured walls and mirrors parallel to the windows in order to reflect as much natural light around the room to increase its perceived space, something shutters are very useful at helping with.

As well as this, shutters improve the security of the windows by providing an additional solid layer of security as well as the added perception of security that comes from a more open and solid deterrent to window entry. With a potential buyer, perception is everything.

Finally, although this might not always be an immediately accessible benefit, shutters improve insulation, which can improve energy efficiency statistics that can make a home more viable to some buyers.

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