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Do You Need Shutters In Your Home?

solid panel shutter - Window With Open Wooden Shutters

Desire is often a strong enough motivation to have beautiful wooden shutters fitted to your home. 

They often brighten the look of a home both inside and out, and seeing them revitalise a nearby property can be enough of an incentive to get them fitted.

However, beautiful, timeless aesthetics aside, sometimes louvred or solid shutters are not merely desirable but are necessary, helping to fix fundamental issues with a home’s design and improving the quality of life for the people living in it.

Here are some reasons why you may need shutters in your home.


If You Feel Exposed In Your Own Home

Privacy is a fundamental need for so many of us. If we feel we are being watched we can never truly feel comfortable, which is a significant problem if you feel that way in your own home.

Closing the curtains is somewhat of a blunt way to solve the problem, but louvres can allow for natural light to fill the room without feeling like neighbours and passers-by can see into your house.


If You Struggle With Temperature Control

Insulation is a common issue with many older homes, particularly around windows, leading to certain places getting too warm in the summer and too cold in winter.

Wood, as a natural insulator, is very good at helping to reduce heat loss compared to curtains.


If You Live Near A Busy Road

Traffic, passers-by and noise from nearby buildings can ruin quiet days and lead to sleepless nights. However, with wood being not only a good heat insulator but an excellent sound insulator, shutters can help provide a better night’s sleep.


If You Don’t Want To Clean Your Curtains

Cleaning curtains is a lengthy, awkward process that often requires a stepladder, a large washing machine and considerable time with an exposed window. Sometimes curtains need to be professionally cleaned, which is both more expensive and more time-consuming.

Wooden shutters, by contrast, can be easily and simply wiped clean and require almost no maintenance to take care of, saving time, energy, money and stress in the process.

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