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How Will Moving Home Affect Your New Shutter Choices?

Full height window shutters - White plantation style wood Shutters

If you have shutters or blinds in your current windows, you may have chosen them based on a range of factors that made these the best choice for your home.

However, if you are moving, that choice will need to be made again – and it may be that what you have now is not necessarily the best option.

For that reason, it makes sense to look carefully at how things may differ in your new property, and talk to us about what may work best for you.

For example, you may have full-height window shutters, which make a simple and neat solution for a tall window, such as those commonly found in Regency buildings, of which Brighton has many.

However, if you are moving somewhere else in the city or county, you might be in a very different kind of house, such as a modern semi, where the window sizes and shapes don’t suit such a design. Alternatively, you might be moving in the opposite direction and need something for taller and narrower windows.

Indeed, you might want to make this part of a wider Regency-themed interior design project, where everything matches up stylistically.

Another factor may be the angles at which the windows are aligned. For example, a south-facing window will capture the sun all year, which means sometimes you might want to shutter out the glare, whereas a north-facing window will only capture it on summer evenings when the sun is low.

Equally, it could be that you decide to switch to blinds that can be adjusted so they are partially open, keeping out the worst of the bright summer illumination while letting in plenty of light. How much light is allowed in will also depend on the size of the window and whether or not the sun is blocked by outside objects from trees and hedges to buildings.

These factors are why a ‘one size fits all’ approach is never the wisest. Whatever you have done with the windows in your current home, you will need to look at everything afresh.

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