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Should Shutters Fit With Your Home’s Colour Scheme?

Full height shutters Brighton - Woman looking out big bright window

Having full height shutters is a great way of making any window look stylish, especially the tall ones that characterise many older Regency-style buildings in Brighton and some other Sussex towns. But there are some variations you can consider.

Not everyone will go for full height shutters, of course, as some may prefer split shutters for a more flexible approach. But there are other questions too, such as what colour they should be painted.

This is an important question in a place like Brighton. If you do live in a Regency building, the outside colour scheme is uniformly white, which means any shutters that are not – at least on the outward-facing side – would stick out like a sore thumb.

However, you do have some options to consider. For example, you may want to have insides that are coloured in keeping with either the latest fashion or the colour scheme you have chosen for the room.

These are two things that may differ markedly. What is fashionable in any given year is a fickle matter, not least when some will follow prompts such as Pantone’s annual Colour of the Year, which in 2024 is a shade of pink known as Peach Fuzz. Last year was a darker pink called Viva Magneta.

All that may suit someone who loves pink. But other years will bring very different Pantone colours of the year. 2022 brought a bluebell-coloured Very Peri, one of many blues to feature in recent years. 2021 brought grey and yellow, while 2013 and 2017 were shades of green.

Rather than repainting your shutters every year, a better idea might be to choose a hue that fits well with the internal décor. After all, nobody wants to spend the time and effort redecorating every year to fit with what’s ‘in’. Instead, the choice should be something that fits your own colour and style preferences.

Of course, not everyone in Brighton lives in the same kind of home. While some might live somewhere that epitomises style and tradition embedded in stucco plaster, others may have a modern home that suits more variation. You should make your decisions on what looks good, not be a slave to fashion.

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