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Should You Have Different Shutters For Each Window?

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The best thing a good shutter company can offer its customers is lots of quality and choice, meaning you can not only get very good shutters and blinds, but also find just the thing that suits you.

However, finding the right shutters for your home may not be a question of a one-size-fits-all approach, as much may depend on each window’s size, location in the house (upstairs or downstairs) and its position in relation to the sun at various times of the day.

It is worth remembering at the outset that the ways shutters have been used down the ages have varied. In medieval times when most windows did not have glass, they were a barrier to keep flying creatures from insects to birds from entering the home, while they had more insulating properties later when glazing was the norm, as well as privacy considerations.

The latter is still an important factor now, so for the ground floor, solid wood shutters that prevent anyone from peeping in at street level are a good idea. Equally, it can also be important to have these for your bedroom, especially if it faces another upstairs room.

You may also have ideas of the right sort of shutters for Regency windows, should you live in such a building and have tall windows. These windows allow lots of natural light in, but how much you let in and keep out may depend on what direction it faces.

For example, a south-facing window should be free to let as much light in as possible in winter but the capacity to restrict it in summer, while those facing west may require shutters that can keep the light out when it is dazzlingly low around sunsets in early spring and autumn, around the equinoxes (you will be able to check this out later in September).

Finally, if you have a north-facing window, you must note that very little sunlight will ever encroach directly except very early or late in the day in summer, with the topography of the nearby South Downs limiting this further. That means you need shutters that open wider to get the best of the light here.

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