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Top Tips For Fixing A Loose Plantation Shutter Louvre

broken plantation shutter

Whilst other types of blinds can sometimes show their age quite quickly, wooden plantation shutters are exceptionally elegant and hardwearing, lasting potentially for many years if looked after properly, a process that often does not take a lot of work.

This low maintenance, high functionality and beautiful appearance have made plantation shutters the favoured choice of many homeowners, but there may come a point due to misuse, age or bad luck where an issue could develop on one of the louvres.

This most commonly takes the form of a single one of the multiple louvre slats coming loose and sliding down even when the latch lever is lifted.

This is, thankfully, very easily fixed with the help of a Phillips cross-head screwdriver. Find the tension screws at each side and tighten them a bit whilst the shutters are closed. This will keep them in line with the rest of the shutter and should keep their position for a while.

They can sometimes also become misaligned, typically the result of a loose alignment pin that connects the louvre with the latch lever. Simply open the louvres so they are parallel to the frame, push the pin back into place and the issue should be very easily and clearly fixed.

The other, more serious issue that can occur after a long time, impact damage or a lot of temperature changes and warping that can come during particularly bitter temperatures or unusual amounts of pressure is broken parts of the frame or louvres themselves.

In some smaller cases of louvre damage, if you can live with a slight blemish to the shutters themselves, wood glue could potentially be used to fix it and put it back into place.

Larger damage might need an expert to replace the louvre itself, and broken frames will often require the entire shutter to be swapped out for a new one. 

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