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What Are The Benefits Of Tier On Tier Plantation Shutters?

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Just like any interior design decision, choosing what type of shutters to get can be very tricky, as you will need to think about what suits the window and the room, and which style will let in the right amount of light. 

Tier-on-tier plantation shutters are one of the most popular choices, so read on to find out why. 



Homeowners love this type of shutter because you can control how much sunlight to let into the room at any time. 

As the panels are independently operated, you can keep one completely closed while opening the other. 

This is great if you want to let in lots of light but also wish to retain privacy, as you can keep the bottom tier closed and while opening the top. 


Best of both worlds

They are also great for those who cannot choose between full-height or cafe-style shutters, as they can enjoy having both. 

When you want to keep the light out, you can have the privacy and seclusion of full-height shutters. 

Alternatively, cafe-style shutters can provide a much lighter, brighter space, as only half of the window is covered up. Tier-on-tier shutters can offer this by being used like cafe-style ones.


Great for bay windows

This is why homeowners choose tier-on-tier shutters for their bay windows

Those who have a couch or chairs in their bay window can still enjoy their own privacy without having to sit in darkness, as they can keep the bottom section shut while opening the top half. 

This is ideal for those with homes on busy streets, as they won’t want everyone catching sight of them watching TV, eating dinner or snuggling up with their partner as they walk past.

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