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Why Solid Panel Shutters Are Great For Winter

The days may be starting to get light again – although it will be some time before anyone notices much difference – but it is certainly cold most of the time. While Britain may have had its warmest New Year on record, the coldest weather usually comes in January and February.

Brighton’s southerly, coastal location means it is hardy vulnerable to the kind of perishing temperatures some parts of the UK may get, or the kind of snowfall seen on high ground, though there may be some flurries in town and plenty of the white stuff up on the South Downs.

Even so, if you have large windows, as many Regency buildings do, that’s a lot of area through which the cold can seep. That’s why solid wood panelling is a great option if you need full height shutters in Brighton.

Herein lies two of the great winter benefits of solid wood panels. Because wood is such a good insulating material, it helps keep the warmth in and the cold out. At the same time, it can have the reverse effect in summer if it gets very hot and you want to keep the room cool in the middle of the day – especially if you have just come inside after being out in it.

The second benefit is the way the opaque panels can keep the sun out. That may be easily overlooked on a cloudy day, but if your window faces southwards a winter day can provide a piercing low sun that gets in your eyes.

If the window faces in other directions, there may be times of day at other points in the year where there is a similar dazzling effect from a rising or setting sun.

While there are those who prefer a little bit of light filtering through, others like a clear all-or- nothing approach. For good insulation, avoidance of dazzling low sun and privacy, solid wood panel shutters are hard to beat.

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