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Can Solid Shutters Help Britain Adapt To A Warmer Climate?

Window with open shutters and flowers at sunset, color toning applied, Mallorca, Spain.

Whilst British summers have historically had a reputation for being somewhat literal damp squibs, the last few years have seen temperature records be beaten time and again, to the point that hot temperatures are becoming the norm.

The problem with this is that a lot of British homes are not designed to handle the heat, with research from the University of Oxford claiming that if temperatures continue to rise, there will be 30 per cent more days where cooling systems are needed to avoid falling ill, matching Switzerland for the biggest change in cooling demand.

However, the report suggests a range of potential cooling systems that could help keep the temperature down without relying too heavily on air conditioning systems, fans and other powered systems.

Whilst some of the systems such as radiant panels, improved ventilation, green roofs and ultra-white reflective paint are relatively new and currently quite expensive technologies, one surprising intervention that can help is the use of solid wood shutters.

In many respects, this is not entirely surprising; shutters and thick curtains have been used for a very long time to insulate houses, and insulation not only serves to keep heat inside a home during winter but can help to block the heat out during the summer months and avoid causing a greenhouse effect in your home.

A lot of homes in the UK lack either passive or active cooling systems, unlike other European countries which have similar or even cooler climates, but this report suggests that if these measures were to be adopted, Britain would be in a better place to tackle rising temperatures.

Wooden shutters are an attractive solution, alongside removing excessive paving and patios around your home to reduce the urban heat island effect and adding more plants and vegetation to add natural shade around your home.

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