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Finding The Right Shutters For Low Sun

For Brighton residents living in Regency style buildings, tall windows that let in lots of light are a standard feature. But of course that will also be true of many other homes all over the city.

There is no doubt having a big window beats a small one. With the latter, the option to let in more light simply isn’t there, but with a larger window, it is. Indeed, many will have been revelling in the extra light provided by the summertime (up to 16 and a half hours in late June), but will also benefit from maximising what little light there is in the winter (fewer than eight hours in December) a few months from now.

However, there is a very good case for having full height wooden shutters in place, because this permits complete flexibility in how you manage the amount of light you let in.

In summer, one drawback of long days is you can be woken up early by bright sunlight, disrupting your sleep. But that is not the only seasonal issue you can face. Another is that during spring and autumn, the sun can be low enough in the sky to get right in your eyeline.

This is occasionally being a problem in winter too, albeit for shorter time periods and less often because of frequent cloud, giving Brighton a December average of two hours a day of sunshine. However, the midwinter sun gets as low as 15.8 degrees, so it can dazzle if it’s in line with your window.

This is where full height shutters can be perfect for keeping out the worst if the sun. Because you don’t have to close them entirely like curtains, you can still allow a bit of light in if you wish, without being dazzled.

Full height shutters are also very stylish and perfect for a home with tall windows, so when you do have them closed at night you can give the room both a classy and cosy look. Book an appointment with us today and see how we can enhance your windows with great shutters.

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