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Should You Open Or Close Your Window Shutters On A Hot Day?

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It is not often we have scorching hot days in the UK, but when they do come, most of us don’t know how to cope with them. As our homes are not built to remain cool in soaring temperatures, they can heat up quickly, making them uncomfortable and stuffy places to be. 

Wooden window shutters can help regulate the heat by limiting the amount of sunlight entering the house, which stops it from overheating. So you can open your windows and keep the shutters closed at the same time, preventing the strong sun rays from warming up the property. 

The question is though, is it best to keep your window shutters open or closed on a hot day?

Though it is important to get some ventilation through the house in the summertime, the best thing to do is open the windows and shutters in the morning and close them when it begins to get warmer. You can then open them again during the cooler evening. 

Doing this means the hot air and strong sunlight will be kept out during the hottest part of the day, while the cooler morning and evening air will be trapped in the house during this time. 

This is particularly important for rooms that get particularly hot, with the NHS advising: “Close curtains on rooms that face the sun to keep indoor spaces cooler, and remember it may be cooler outdoors than indoors.”

Therefore, it is sensible to open up your windows once the temperature begins to drop outside to let some fresh air in. 

The good thing about shutters is you can open your window at night to let the colder air circulate while keeping the slats closed so your room doesn’t become too bright.

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