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Use Shutters To Keep Your House Warm This Winter

Window with open shutters reflecting the sky.

After a balmy start to October, temperatures have certainly taken a dip lately and winter certainly feels like it’s on its way. However, homeowners with wooden window shutters can rest assured their house will stay warm. 

This is because shutters are great at trapping hot air in the house, creating a barrier between the glass window and the rest of the room. As a result, a layer of air becomes locked in, which means hot air from the room will not escape. 

Therefore, if the central heating is on, you can relax knowing you won’t be spending more money on your energy bills than necessary, and can avoid heating up air only for it to escape through the windows. 

At a time when energy bills are still extremely high, with prices capped at £1,834 per year for a typical household, this will be extremely important to most homeowners this winter.

Window shutters also make it harder for the cold air from outside to get into the house, helping to keep the interior warm and comfortable, so you can rest assured you can have a restful night’s sleep or a cosy evening on the sofa without feeling the chill. 

Another great thing about wooden shutters is the slats can be partially opened while the rest of the frame remains closed. This means sunlight can come into the house at the same time as heat loss is reduced. 

What’s more, this means bright winter sunshine can stream through the house, helping to warm it up while also benefiting from the shutters to trap air in. 

At nighttime, when the sun has set, you can close the slats fully again and boost the insulation in the room, reducing the amount of warm air being lost to the outside.

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