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What Colours Work Best With Plantation Shutters?

solid wood shutters - Luxury white indoor plantation shutters in bedroom

If you want a light, beautiful window covering, there are few choices that have become more popular than the louvred wooden shutter.

Also known as plantation shutters, louvred shutters have become the look of the moment, because they provide a particularly bright addition to a room and allow for both carefully controlled privacy and a lot of natural light.

Because they are primarily associated with quite warm, summery designs they tend to be sold either with a wood treatment to bring out the natural grain of the solid wood, white or a very light off-white or neutral shade such as beige.

Because a lot of modern interior designs prioritise lighter shades to create lighter, airier looks, a lot of people tend to stick to white to complete that contemporary look, but if you want to create a style that stands out, there is absolutely no reason why you cannot opt for a different colour to your shutters.

Whilst the only practical limit is your imagination, here are some colours other than white that look great on plantation shutters.


Connecting The Inside To The Outside

For rooms that either have a design inspired by nature or link the interior and exterior spaces of the home, natural shades and earthy tones such as blues and greens can be exceptionally popular and effective, particularly in combination with other natural textures and greenery.


A Striking Focal Point

White shutters tend to be relatively unobtrusive, which helps them to fit into practically any potential design concept.

Using a bold colour choice such as yellow, purple or pink immediately draws the eye and often causes a reflective contrast into the room itself. 

Typically, if you are willing to be more minimalist with the rest of a room’s design, using bold shutters can make it stand out stylistically.


A Richer Ambience

By contrast, black, dark grey, charcoal and richer shades create a darker, more elegant ambience, particularly when used in contrast to a lighter colour scheme.

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