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Why Light Is The Key To Good Interior Design

When you’re looking at how to design your home, it’s important that light is one of your top considerations.

An article for London Post recently explained why light is such a key element of interior design. The publication noted that the best place to begin is by maximising the natural light you get in your home.

While big windows are obviously a great design feature from this perspective, all is not lost if you don’t have large windows in your home. Instead, you can use mirrors and lighter shades on your walls and floors to maximise the natural light that does enter your rooms.

Of course, you may also want to block light out at certain times, or to simply have some privacy in certain rooms, in which case you’ll need some kind of window covering. The news provider suggested that you are creative in how you approach this element of your interior design.

For example, you might find that half height shutter blinds in Brighton are more in keeping with your decor and that they give you your privacy without blocking all the natural light from your space.

Another design trend that relies on natural light is biophilic design. This refers to designing our interiors to make them feel closer to nature and the natural world in general. Naturally, maximising the daylight in a space is part of this process.

Living etc also noted that the colour green is an easy way to introduce the concept of biophilic design into your home, pointing out that even the simple act of adding more house plants to a space “will create a more calming, harmonious environment”.

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