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Why Wooden Louvred Shutters Are Seemingly Always In Style

solid wooden shutters

Whilst there is no accounting for taste, particularly when it comes to interior design, a recent opinion piece that collected the views of interior designers on solid wooden shutters made some claims about the popular louvred shutter design that seemed to be misinformed.

The article in Homes & Gardens has a lot of interesting viewpoints that explore the various practical and aesthetic benefits of shutters, ultimately concluding, as we do, that shutters are a “timeless fixture”, there were some criticisms that merit discussion to see if there are any weight to them.

One measured response argued that whilst they are “classic”, it is important to consider where they are being placed to ensure you let as much light in.

Another designer thought they were perfectly fine outside of the name, but another more critical voice was emphatic in her dislike of shutters.

She claimed that they should only be used in warmer regions, specifically citing Florida and Hawaii, felt they looked out of place anywhere else, were bulky and imposing in design and blocked a lot of light.

It is difficult to know where the tropical climate argument comes from outside of history. Wooden shutters have been used to keep heat in and control light for centuries before the plantation shutter. They also have a lot of colour options for harmonising with different design styles.

The claim that they are bulky in design can depend on the shutters in question, but if anything they tend to be the exact opposite. They are minimalist, easy to operate, easy to open and close entirely if you like and far from imposing. 

They also offer a fantastic level of light control, with a comfortable level of light just a simple tug of the louvre away, with versatility for a wide range of styles.

Ultimately that control, freedom and flexibility are why they have been in style for so long and will likely continue to be a timeless touch.

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