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Why Wooden Shutters Are Ideal For A Changing Climate

Solid wood shutters - Solid wood shutters

With much of Britain being blanketed in snow this month, now may seem a strange time to be thinking about a world getting warmer. But to focus on a few flurries in what is, after all, the middle of winter to the exclusion of all other evidence would be highly unwise.

Although the record-breaking global average temperature in 2023 may not be felt just now, one only has to go back over the past few weeks to recall some severe storms, which are now hitting the UK (and elsewhere) with greater frequency than historical norms.

However, you don’t need to be one of those unfortunate to have their home flooded to appreciate that residential properties will need to change to accommodate changes to the climate. That can include the window coverings you use.

Solid wood shutters can be a great option for a changing climate for several reasons. Firstly, the fact wood has great insulating qualities means they are ideal for dealing with the cold days we can still have: Brighton has not suddenly become Barbados. This can also keep out any draughts that sneak through the windows or any flaws around them.

At the same time, the fact that shutters can keep out the hot sun is something that will be useful in any summer, but even more so as they get hotter in the south of England. If days at or close to 40 C are to become the norm, it makes sense to have shutters, which were first popularised in southern Europe partly because they can keep homes cool in the heat.

Finally, the wood itself is an important consideration. If we want to care about the environment going forward, the use of organic materials without embedded carbon is a must.

The key with wood, of course, is it is organic and, provided it comes from sustainable forests, its use becomes not just a low-carbon option, but also encourages more forestry, helping suck more carbon from the air by the most natural means.

For all these reasons, going for wooden shutters is a great choice for a changing climate.

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