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Cleaning And Caring For Your Shutters Correctly

a woman's hand cleans wooden blinds

Shutters are a great option for window coverings that are easy to care for, work well all year round and also look amazing in the home. However, shutters can sometimes gather dust which can leave them looking less than perfect.

Luckily, it is relatively easy to clean your shutters meaning you can enjoy beautiful, dust-free window coverings all the time.

Something to keep in mind when cleaning your shutters is to make sure you use cleaning products that are suitable. Depending on the material, some products may be damaging.

Painted or solid wood shutters should only be cleaned with gentle, safe products. Usually wiping your shutters with just warm water and a soft cloth can do the job, however, buying a gentle polish is also suitable if you need something extra.

If your shutters are metal, you may be able to clean them with stronger detergents however do keep in mind that they should not be left damp. Drying off the shutters after wiping will ensure they stay clean and do not become damaged.

One easy way to keep them clean is to simply give them a dry wipe with a soft, clean cloth regularly. This will displace any gathering dust and keep it from building up meaning cleaning will be a breeze.

You may also use a vacuum along the top of your shutters to remove any dust that has gathered along the edge. This makes it easier to clean the hard-to-reach places that are often missed.

If you find your shutters gather marks and fingerprints, take care to only open them in the proper way. Usually, shutters have a rod that can be tilted or rotated in order to open and close the shutter which helps you to avoid handling the shutter itself.

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