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Top Tips To Keep Your Wooden Shutters Looking Great

Wooden solid panel shutters are a beautiful aesthetic touch that helps to improve the privacy of a home, whilst allowing greater control of the light of a room compared to other types of blinds.

One other advantage they have over Venetian blinds, for example, is that cleaning the solid wooden panels and slats is so much easier.

Here are some of our top tips to keep your shutters looking superb.


Dust Regularly

Shutters are fairly hard-wearing and rarely build up a large amount of dirt, so the main priority of any weekly cleaning or touch-up routine for your shutters is to regularly remove dust.

There are plenty of different options, from feather dusters to microfibre mitts. However, one of the most effective for plantation shutters is to use a paintbrush, as the bristles can get into the mechanism, nooks and crannies of the shutters to get rid of all of the dust.


Clean Every Month

Generally, cleaning should be undertaken in moderation using gentle ingredients to avoid damaging the finish or the wood itself. A diluted solution of washing up liquid and warm water, dabbed onto the shutters with a cloth is ideal.

A monthly cleaning regime for indoor shutters is fine, as they are unlikely to build up that much dirt, grime or debris, especially if you are dusting every week. You can also polish the wood, but keep it in moderation.


Refinish As Needed

Whilst shutters will last a long time when properly taken care of, if you start noticing chips in the wood or the colours fading, it may be time to strip the old finish off and re-coat it with a new wood stain.

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