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Shutters in Lewes

Wooden Shutters in Lewes have never been easier. With our professional bespoke shutter service, we can provide you the best window covering for any room. Whether you are looking for classic solid shutters for your bedroom window or the elegant café style ones to decorate your ground-level kitchen, our local experts are here to help. From old-style windows to more contemporary ones, we can fit shutters to almost any window (although I’m sure the wonky bookstore would be a bit tricky). Call us to find more.

Free Home Consultation

We provide free in-house design consultations in and around Lewes to help you choose the best shutter style, color, and finish for your unique home. We are happy to work with any custom requests, and we provide a 3-year warranty for your peace of mind. Our products are always custom-made, which means your new shutter blinds will be measured, crafted, and installed with your unique requirements in mind.

Find out more about the Sussex locations we cover here, get in touch if you have any questions, or book your free in-home design appointment below.

Why we love Lewes

Whenever we fit our plantation shutters in Lewes, we love getting lost in its little streets, finding a new coffee shop we never knew existed, or a place to get a good view of the castle and its beautiful homes. Moreover, we are fascinated by its rich history, especially in relation to the 5 November. On this day every year, Lewes Bonfire celebrations are taking place on Guy Fawkes Night. In Lewes, this event not only marks the date of the uncovering of the Gunpowder Plot in 1605, but also commemorates the memory of the seventeen Protestant martyrs burnt at the stake for their faith during the Marian Persecutions. The celebrations, which controversially involve burning an effigy of Pope Paul V, who was pope during the Gunpowder Plot, are the largest and most famous Bonfire Night celebrations in the country. There will be at least 30,000 spectators on a weekday at Lewes bonfire night, but rising to well over 60,000 if it falls on a Friday or Saturday, so bearing in mind that the population of Lewes is only about 17,000, that figure above is a lot of bodies for a small town. Best get some shutters for privacy!